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One of our fastest growing services is contract freight management. Contract or dedicated freight management is a service where our customer selects us to manage all their outbound and/or inbound freight in order to save money, increase performance, improve reporting and gain total visibility and control of their supply chain.

In today’s highly demanding corporate environment individuals are pulled in a myriad of directions within a firm. Outsourcing a company’s freight management function is fast becoming as common as outsourcing payroll checks.

What party could be better to outsource freight management duties than Tucker Company? For over 40 years we have profited by managing freight and carrier selection so effectively that we offer rates comparable and often lower than if a shipper went to a carrier direct. In addition to competitive rates, we offer the highest degree of control available. Our IT systems stay continually updated to remain best of class.

In three easy steps, we can determine whether or not we can save you money and increase your overall customer satisfaction.

1. Audit and Analyze Freight Bills
The first step is to audit one to three months of your actual paid freight bills. By doing the audit, we get a clear picture of what you are shipping, where it is going and what you are paying. You provide the bills; we assure confidentiality and do the data input and analysis.

2. Establish a Benchmark
When the freight bill audit is complete we use these past freight bills to establish benchmarks. We create a spreadsheet and insert the benchmarks in order to report to you how much we can save you in freight dollars. If you accept our offer to manage your freight, you will get savings reports against benchmarks every month.

3. Guaranteed Savings
In addition to the freight dollar savings, we save you significant accounting expense with our once a period statement billing. No matter how many carriers are used – LTL or Truckload – all freight bills for that period are attached to one statement. This dramatically reduces the time and aggravation it takes you to process freight bills. Additionally, the bills you receive are twice audited by Tucker Company for accuracy.

We streamline communication requirements. You do not need to know which trucker took which shipment. Anyone in your firm can trace any shipment in seconds with one toll-free call. One Tucker contact, with a cross-trained backup person, manages all of your firm’s freight, and one web site contains all your firm’s shipment tracking information. Anyone in your firm can trace any shipment in seconds (on the web or by) one toll-free call.

Customized Reports Give You An Edge
Once we begin handling all of your company’s freight and all the shipping data are entered into our computer system, we have the ability to custom tailor spreadsheet reports to tell you virtually anything about your freight patterns and costs you could wish. These tools have proven invaluable to some of our customers.

The insight these reports give you could help change the way you do business forever or open new market opportunities; a value far beyond the freight bill savings or the visibility and control leverage. For more information on these available reports, click here.

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